DMMD main route summary 9/?

Hmmm… I was really hoping to make it 10 clean parts, but it looks like it might be 11… I really think I’ll be able to finish the main route by Sunday, though~! Also this one is really short because I need sleep ^ q ^;;

Previous parts:

Aoba and the gang arrive at the scene, and it’s like a ghost town. There’s a large building with a “no trespassing” sign beyond the mountains of refuse. While Clear helps them navigate the area since he’s familiar with it, Aoba says that this place kinda looks like ‘that game’. Koujaku asks what game he was talking about, and he explains that it’s a weird application that he downloaded once, but it plays like a demo movie. In that game, Aoba’s granny was dragged off by bats to a trash mountain. This is definitely a trash mountain… Aoba says it’s pretty mysterious.

Noiz says that there’s a garbage disposal factory just ahead and brings up a map on his Coil. Said factory is the largest building in the area, so that’s probably where Aoba’s grandma is being held. They arrive near factory, and Clear can hear something from inside the building. Koujaku says he can’t hear anything, and Aoba can’t hear anything either aside from the wind rustling the refuse around them. But, despite that, Aoba has a feeling that Clear’s serious, so they head to the entrance.

By the door, Aoba puts Ren in sleep mode in his bag, for safety. Koujaku has some of his guys stationed closeby, just in case, since they don’t know what may lie inside. Aoba, Clear, Koujaku and Mink will head in while Noiz backs them up from outside, handling the techy part of the infiltration of the facility.

Typing away at the keyboard on his Coil, he says that it’s no problem and he can take it from here.


If you pick the first option, Aoba will stare at Noiz as he is concentrated on doing what he’s doing. Then Noiz is like, “What?” and Aoba says that it’s nothing, he was just wondering what exactly he was doing out here. Noiz asks if Aoba doesn’t trust him, and Aoba says it’s nothing like that at all. He was just nervous, and is sorry for disrupting his focus. Noiz says that he’s not really troubled by it, but Aoba should hurry up and go inside. So he does :V (Pick this option if you’re going after Noiz)

If you pick the second option, Aoba glances over at Noiz, who looks like he’s in deep concentration at his work at hand. He decides that it’s best to not interrupt him. (Pick this if you’re not going after Noiz)

Clear says he’s kinda excited, but Aoba tells him that this isn’t a game. Mink says that they’re going in now, and at that, Koujaku opens up the door…

In the vacant space, there are some dudes in black.

Guys from Morphine? Either way, they noticed the intrusion and started attacking. With some Benshigure members backing them up, they fight back. While fighting one of the guys, Aoba notices something weird about the guy’s eyes. He’s seen weird eyes like that before…Like some guy from Dry Juice. Before he can think too hard about it, he gets punched. He counterattacks and knocks the guy down. Aoba wonders if all of these guys are from Dry Juice.

While fighting some more dudes, he wonders how Clear’s doing?


If you pick the first option, Aoba just looks for Clear and sees him doing just fine…if not very… Clear-esque, so he doesn’t worry about it. (Pick this if you’re not going after Clear)

If you pick the second option, Aoba will call over to Clear and ask if he’s doing okay, and he says he’s fine. Aoba looks over at where the voice came from and sees Clear punch out a guy in the same Clear-esque way as the first option. Aoba’s like “well, that’s that… that guy’s kinda strange” in his head. (Pick this if you’re going after Clear)

Aoba looks around for a sec and sees the guy with the weird eyes fighting against Koujaku.


If you pick the first option, Aoba will swoop in and help kick some ass with Koujaku. (Pick this if you’re not going after Koujaku)

If you pick the second option, Aoba will move closer to Koujaku and help kick some ass. (Pick this if you’re going after Koujaku)

After fighting off some dudes, Koujaku’s like “Hey aren’t these guys from Dry Juice? Then why are they doing this…?”

Clear then pops up and says that he can hear a lot of sounds coming from a different place. Koujaku tells Aoba, Clear and Mink to go on ahead, and that he and his gang have got this room covered. Aoba thanks him and they head deeper into the factory.

Down the hall, three of those hooded guys are standing there. Mink tells Aoba to go on ahead, but tells Clear to stay and help him fight them. Clear protests because he wants to be together with Aoba.


If you pick the first option, Aoba will be like, “wouldn’t it be better to beat these guys first…?” and Mink’s like, “just go!” since he and Clear have got it under control. Aoba understands and heads ahead. (Pick this if you’re not going after Mink)

If you pick the second option, Aoba will tell Clear to listen to what Mink says, and heads ahead. (Pick this if you’re going down Mink’s route)

He heads through the door, leaving Mink and Clear to hold those guys off. It leads outside, to a parking lot with a black van with three people over there. His grandma is one of them. He goes to rescue her, but is stopped by a guy in a hoodie. He can’t tell who it is because of the hood, but then… he slowly removes it. Aoba could feel his heart stop at the sight.

It’s Mizuki.

Aghhhh, what a cruel place to leave off—! I’m sorryyyy ^ q ^;; …But I can’t stay up too late tonight because I’ve got work tomorrow morning again… Aghhh, I wish I had more free timee… but doesn’t everyone? …I just wanna play BLge or nap all day and eat pudding and become a happy blob~♪

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